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1101 Winnipeg Street
Regina, Sk


Utility Auto Sales sells and finances quality used vehicles in Regina and surrounding area.  All the financing is done in house and is simple and easy.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to get a vehicle from Utility Auto Sales?

  1. Valid Saskatchewan Drivers License.

  2. Down-Payment.

  3. Void Cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form for direct payments.

Is it hard to get approved to finance a vehicle?

  • Not at all, in fact if you have the three items listed above, you are approved, so come on in to get a vehicle.

What if I do not have any credit?

  • No worries, we do not do any credit checks. Your good credit, bad credit or no credit will not be a problem and will not reflect on your ability to get a vehicle through us.

How long does it take to get on the road?

  • Typically it takes only 20 minutes to do the paperwork, after you get registration on the vehicle you on the road. Its that simple.

I live 4 hours from the city, am I still able to get a vehicle from you?

  • Unfortunately not, we only finance to customers that are within 2 hours of the city. If you are unsure if you are too far from us, please submit an inquiry here and we will let you know if you are eligible.

How long will it take for me to own my vehicle?

  • We try to keep our vehicle priced in such a way that you will have the vehicle paid off and owned around a year and a half.

Can I see the financial break-down of the financing prior to signing any paperwork?

  • ABSOLUTELY, we don't use smoke and mirrors to confuse you, and we want to make sure you understand how our financing works and that you are comfortable prior to getting a vehicle.